Trafficking in Victims: Sex, Work and the Politics of Gendered Mobility

In support of International Women’s Week, we would like to encourage all of our members to attend Dr Megan Rivers-Moore’s talk,”Trafficking in Victims: Sex, Work and the Politics of Gendered Mobility”, as presented by the Gender Equality & Social Justice department.


Abstract: The aim of this talk is to consider some of the underlying and implicit assumptions that inform discussions about sex trafficking. Using examples from Latin America and North America, I argue that concerns about sex trafficking and saving victims reveal broader anxieties about belonging, mobility, sexuality, gender, and migration control. This talk will explore the raced and gendered politics of conflating all trafficking with sex trafficking, and sex trafficking with migrant sex work in order to argue for a more nuanced and complex approach to thinking about gendered and sexual labour mobility.

When: Friday, March 7th from 1-3pm
Where: Nipissing Theatre F213
Cost: FREE

We look forward to seeing you there!

Download a copy of the poster.