Rally in Toronto – Bus Trip Sunday January 11, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

OPSEU has a great opportunity to show Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal Government what we think of her offer for OPS employees. Ms Wynne is hosting a New Year’s Levee on Sunday, January 11 from 2 to 4 pm at the Noor Cultural Centre at 123 Wynford Drive in Toronto.

We are arranging for a bus to go from Sudbury, make a pick-up in North Bay and head down Hwy 11 to go rally outside the event. We will be leaving Sudbury at approximately 8:00 am and returning by the same route following the rally.

Yes, we know it will be a long day, and yes we know it’s a Sunday, however we recognize the importance of this event and using this opportunity to show Ms. Wynne that we are not backing down.

Join us, encourage other members to join us, wear your OPSEU blue, and come rally with us.

Exact departure time will be confirmed, but plan for approximately 8:00am. We will be leaving the Sudbury Regional Office, and a location will be determined for North Bay.

Lunch and Dinner costs will be covered through an expense claim. Meals will be purchased on take out to not prolong the of duration of the trip. Meals will be reimbursed up the approved limits of $17.00 for lunch and $27.00 for dinner.

PLEASE confirm attendance with Kerri Chevrier at 705-918-4238, 705-521-3216 or by email at kerrichevrier@hotmail.com.

PLEASE share this email with all members in your locals.

In Solidarity,

Kerri Chevrier

OPS Mobilizer- Sudbury

President, Local 615