University Committees

Health and Safety Committee

(Requires 2 stewards)

This committee looks at all workplace health and safety issues for the University on all campuses. It also is responsible in making sure that the University is compliant with all provincial and federal workplace health and safety laws.

There are quarterly meetings that must be attended, and monthly inspections that must be conducted.

Harassment and Discrimination Committee

(Requires 1 steward)

This committee is responsible for maintaining and enforcing the University’s harassment and discrimination policy.

Quarterly meetings.

Pension and Benefits Committee

(Requires 2 stewards)

This committee is responsible for advising and reviewing the university pension and benefit plans.

Quarterly meetings.

Staff Awards Committee

(Requires 2 stewards)

This committee decides which non-academic staff member will receive a bonus financial award each year from a list of nominations. There is the possibility of up to two awards per year. These are handed out during convocation.

Meetings occur around nomination window and review.

Employee Relations Committee (ERC)

(Requires 3 stewards)

The purpose of Employee Relations Committee is to promote and facilitate consultation and communication between our union and our employer on issues of joint interest.

Meetings can be monthly or quarterly, depending on issues as they arise. Quarterly meeting will be the absolute minimum.

Job Evaluation Committee

(Requires 2 stewards)

This committee works to ensure that all job descriptions within the workplace are fair and equitable in relation to the duties done by a position.

Periodic and/or frequent confidential meetings are held over the term dependent on the number of jobs being reviewed. It involves the evaluation and comparison of jobs and their descriptions while upholding the Union’s perspective on duties, training and workload.

Local Committees

Grievance Committee

(No limit to Members)

This committee reviews grievances and looks for precedents from previous grievances, best practices and proactive solutions to help resolve current or future grievances.

Quarterly meetings.

Political Action Committee

(No limit to Members)

This committee is to participate in political actions that are outside of the issues of the day-to-day operation of the University. For example local political elections, strike aid for other locals, etc.

Note:   Political actions must be conflict of interest free with the University. See the collective agreement for details.

Quarterly meetings with action outside of work hours (i.e. evening and weekends).

Hardship Committee

(No limit to Members)

OPSEU has a Hardship Fund set up for members who are experiencing an immediate, severe and temporary financial situation due to an emergency.

The local Hardship Committee provides resource recommendations to eligible members (i.e. community resources). The committee will be tasked to provide aid and see additional support where required.

Quarterly meetings, with additional meetings as required.

Human Rights Committee

(No limit to Members)

The local Human Rights Committee assists the local executive committee in ensuring the work place is an inclusive work place. Some items this committee will work on are; Return to Works, Accommodations, and Discrimination etc.

Quarterly meetings, more if required.

Equity Committee

(No limit to Members)

The Equity committee works with the Human Rights committee on our Local issues with a focus on issues not fully covered in the Human Rights Act. For example, women’s rights, people with disabilities, workers of colour, Aboriginal workers, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and transsexual (LGBTTQ) workers and young workers.

Quarterly meetings.

North Bay Labour Council

(Requires 2 stewards)

The North Bay and District Labour Council is a central labour body that combines the strength of hundreds of local unions representing 15,000 working men, women, and their families. Its mandate is to organize and advocate on issues that are vital to working people throughout the region. We believe that unions are a positive force for democratic social change – and that by working together we can improve Canada for everyone.

Monthly meetings.

Nipissing Area Council

(Requires 2 stewards)

OPSEU Locals representing a wide range of workplaces have come together in “area councils” to be a combined force at the municipal level. By pooling resources from many Locals – both money and active members – area councils allow the union to get involved in things like better transit policies, support for the arts, safer playgrounds and support for other unions in difficult fights.

The Nipissing Area Council strives to build a strong connection with all of our Locals, representing approximately 5000 members in the Nipissing service area. We hold an open forum where Locals from the area can communicate their issues and concerns. We promote educating our members. We participate in and support events that will strengthen our communities and our Union.

Monthly meetings (September – May)