My Experience at the Gathering Place

A week ago at Gathering Place (North Bay’s Community Soup Kitchen), Nipissing Administration and Support Staff were suited up in an apron and cap and put to work in all manner of food service. We cut vegetables, tore spinach, cut chickens, dished out food, poured drinks, served patrons, wiped up, and helped with the dishes. Things got very intense over the lunch hour as anyone who wanted a simple, healthy meal streamed in and out (we served 122 people). My wonderful coworkers from Nipissing University were always ready with an encouraging smile. The Gathering Place is an oasis of kindness in the fast world. At the end of the day, I felt more connected with the North Bay community. I highly recommend volunteering at Gathering Place to anyone who is interested.

Written by Karin Robertson

If you’d like to volunteer at The Gathering Place, or write an article about one of your experiences related to your work with OPSEU, please email

GMM Agenda for May 20, 2015

The General Membership Meeting is scheduled to take place at the North Bay OPSEU Membership Centre (573 Fraser St.) on May 20, 2015 at 5:00PM.

(UPDATED May 20, 2015)

Please find the agenda below. A PDF version is also available. Printed copies will be available at the meeting.

Agenda for GMM May 20, 2015 – 5:00PM 
North Bay OPSEU Membership Centre (573 Fraser St.)

Call to Order

  1. Statement of Respect
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  4. Business Arising
  5. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Local Budget
  6. Correspondence
    1. OPS – Amanda Saucier
    2. EBM Updates
    3. Chrysler Golf Tournament (Hospital Fundraiser)
  7. Initiation of new members
  8. Reports of Officers
    1. Chief Stewards (PT/FT)
    2. Vice Presidents
    3. President
  9. Reports of Committees
    1. Health and Safety
    2. Pension and Benefits
  10. Nominations and/or Elections
  11. Unfinished Business
  12. New Business
    1. University Budget / Restructuring
    2. Ontario Budget
    3. OPSEU Conventions and Regional Update
    4. OPSEU Training Opportunities
  13. Other Business
  14. Adjournment

Support Staff Abolished Positions

Please see the list below for the Full-Time and Part-Time jobs that were abolished during this round of OPSEU Support Staff Layoffs (2015).

  1. Research – Grant Coordinator
  2. Research & Graduate Coordinator
  3. Gift Entry and Donor Records
  4. Registration Clerk
  5. Helpdesk Technician
  6. Registrar’s Office Receptionist
  7. Copywriter
  8. Secretary Practice Teaching Placement Office
  9. School of Nursing Receptionist
  10. Conference Services Clerk
  11. Alumni Relations Coordinator

Vacant Positions

  1. Library (Systems) Technician
  2. Receptionist (Part-Time) – Dean of Arts and Science
  3. Learning Coordinator Digital
  4. Learning and Transitions Coordinator

Coldest Night of the Year 2015


OPSEU Local 608 has decided to put in a team for the coldest night of the year event.  It is a fundraiser for the “The Gathering Place” (North Bay’s soup kitchen), that takes place on Feb. 21, 2015. “OPSEU Local 608” is the name of our team.  Folks can register to walk and raise pledges or simply pledge money to someone on our team who has already signed up.

We would like to encourage our members to participate, by joining the team or sponsoring someone.

You can find our team OPSEU Local 608 here. A big “thank you!” goes out to Leah for setting up our team and getting the donations flowing!

For more information about the walk, please visit

Rally in Toronto – Bus Trip Sunday January 11, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

OPSEU has a great opportunity to show Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal Government what we think of her offer for OPS employees. Ms Wynne is hosting a New Year’s Levee on Sunday, January 11 from 2 to 4 pm at the Noor Cultural Centre at 123 Wynford Drive in Toronto.

We are arranging for a bus to go from Sudbury, make a pick-up in North Bay and head down Hwy 11 to go rally outside the event. We will be leaving Sudbury at approximately 8:00 am and returning by the same route following the rally.

Yes, we know it will be a long day, and yes we know it’s a Sunday, however we recognize the importance of this event and using this opportunity to show Ms. Wynne that we are not backing down.

Join us, encourage other members to join us, wear your OPSEU blue, and come rally with us.

Exact departure time will be confirmed, but plan for approximately 8:00am. We will be leaving the Sudbury Regional Office, and a location will be determined for North Bay.

Lunch and Dinner costs will be covered through an expense claim. Meals will be purchased on take out to not prolong the of duration of the trip. Meals will be reimbursed up the approved limits of $17.00 for lunch and $27.00 for dinner.

PLEASE confirm attendance with Kerri Chevrier at 705-918-4238, 705-521-3216 or by email at

PLEASE share this email with all members in your locals.

In Solidarity,

Kerri Chevrier

OPS Mobilizer- Sudbury

President, Local 615