Adopt-A-Striker: OPSEU Local 294

OPSEU Local 294 has been on strike since April 10, 2015 against an unjust employer CarePartners. Strikers provide Community Nursing Services in patients’ homes including oncology, dialysis, pediatric, wound & diabetic care. They are RN’s, RPN’s and Team Assistants.

They are fighting for sick days, an hourly wage (new nurses get paid $16 per visit and if a visit lasts 2 or more hours depending on the care the patient needs they are paid less than minimum wage), they receive no compensation for their administrative work.

As of Friday November 27, 2015 their strike is over! However their members won’t return to work until December 14, 2015 (at the earliest). They also still have to go through the process of mediation, and binding arbitration with their employer.

We want to make this Holiday Season a special one for these workers in light of the hardships they are currently experiencing from having been off work for almost 8 months.

Members of our local have decided to Adopt-A-Striker and their family. They are a family of five (Mother, Father, and three children). All three children are in post-secondary education. One had to drop out do to financial circumstances. We are collecting personal donations from anyone who would like to donate (cash or gift cards preferred). This would allow this family to purchase food and gifts for their family over the holiday season.

Please stop by the LIT Office (A131-C), near the UTS Help Desk.


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OPSEU Press Release: OPSEU Local 294 strike against CarePartners has ended